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Divinity 2 Ego Draconis

Ok, postul este in engleza, este scris de mine si este un short review. Engleza presupun ca o stiti toti (daca nu, atunci e grav) si daca mai aveti ceva de adaugat sau intrebari, feel free to post them.
Motivul pentru care este in engleza este urmatorul: l-am scris pe mai multe site-uri si imi e lene sa il traduc :P

Divinity ll Ego Draconis - short rev
Ego Draconis, another game made by europeans...oh and what a game!
I played the game on a NVidia 7600GS, AMDx2 4000+, 2GB RAM and hade NO PROBLEMS (and yes the video settings were high).
And so it begins.
So you can transform into a dragon but cannot attack land targets. Great idea i say! If this possibility was available, what would have stopped you from raiding the Fjords only in dragon form and not abuse your human skills ? This power limit offers a deal of balance in the game.
The game is hard for the first 10-15 levels but after that, once you get some good loot and rack up some skill points, the difficulty curve lowers. In Broken Valley i died countless times while in the Fjords, Hall Of Memory and the Flying Fortresses i had only 2 or 3 deaths (was to lazy to pot luls).
Some reviews rate the story as "weak" . Well to be honest (flame shield on) i find it better than DAO' story. In DAO the whole plot is predictable but in Ego,
at the end, when you save Damian's wife and find out she was the one you were hearing in your head, not Talana, and all this time, you did her bidding and followed her complex plan (omg plot twist) Spoiler
well, it's mind blowing and leaves a bitter taste for revenge into your heart .
You get the possibility to see all your skills, their animation, their level 1 damage, you can train them beyond their cap, you can reset you currently assigned skill points, you have a great deal of variety in building your character.
You get tons of items that you can enchant and disenchant as long as you like (or as long as you have enough Malachites :D )
The dialogues are cheesy but fun to read/listen.
The map geography/layout is satisfying.
A lot of things and places to discover.
Encountered no bugs in over 60 h of play.
It has puzzles and jump quests. Some of them are easy, but most require some patience and braincell activity.
Oh and Ego has some nicely done songs too.
The Dark Side of Ego:
- the difficulty curve scales pretty fast. Broken Valley is godlike at the beginning and doing the plot quest in which you have to kill a ghost(if you do it as soon as you get it) is almost impossible if you're planning on slashing it to death;
-you're lacking a crosshair and its hard to keep hitting the same monster when it runs around you;
-you need good equips to survive. Finding them in the Valley is hard but once you get the Tower and the enchanter, things get easy again;
- "oooooh...shinny" when you're picking up a potato is a bit stupid
-your character quotes are repetitive and become annoying;
-whatever you do, cover your ears when your character dies;
-the quest log doesn't offer too much information;
-some side quests are not so well thought (finding 3 crystals for the statues near Zixzax - you are given no information about their whereabouts )
-some keys that open nothing and areas that, even though appear on your map, are inaccessible.
Ego Draconis is a game not made for a casual player or for someone that doesnt have enough experience in RPGs.
It is hard and long but offers a solid gameplay and the temptation to replay it. Give it a try !
Also if you need any help regarding character builds, item sets, etc, feel free to ask.

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